“I’m a part of ELLA because I want to help make a positive change.”


PC Collins grew up in Lyons, Ga. where she was very active in sports, community/church programs and events. After high school, she attended Georgia Southern University and obtained a B.S. in Commercial Recreation. Upon graduation, PC moved to Atlanta and began work as an Activity Coordinator with Community Friendship, Inc., an adult mental health center. Years later, she made a career change and started working in the medical IT field. In 2014, she listened to the call of the lowcountry and made the move to Savannah, Georgia. 
PC is married to J.J. Collins, has two sweet dogs and is loving the coastal life. She is an artist and a woodworker, and she uses these talents and skills as an independent contractor in her own company and at Southern Pine Company.  She is currently working as a community organizer facilitating events that are hospitable to people of all ability levels, and she is on staff at Wesley Oak United Methodist Church. She is passionate about the field of mental health and is an advocate for those with physical and developmental disabilities. She is happy to be on the board for The ELLA Foundation and working in the community for social justice and positive change. 

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