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  • New Voices Essay: Paris Lee Bennett (5/8/2019) - On Friday, May 10th, I was interviewed at the Clemens Unit, the unit to which I am assigned, by Mike Barajas, a reporter with the San Antonio Current. To the best of my already considerable and perpetually growing knowledge of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s (TDCJ) rules and regulations, offenders meeting with media representatives… Continue Reading
  • How Now Butterfly? (5/8/2019) - February 27,2007 Twenty-three days have passed since my son stabbed my daughter to death. My Ella Bella is gone from me forever. She died a horrible and violent death by her brother’s hands. I now live in a nightmare while awake and asleep. I believe I have become severely depressed. I am too anxiety ridden… Continue Reading
  • Currently Under Reconstruction: Update from Charity Lee (5/8/2019) - Time again to be an open book... May 2018 Dear Paris: I have been writing this letter in my head ever since you called me on Ella’s birthday. I have written it angry. I have written it sad. I hope now I am writing it with love and self-preservation in mind. Whether by mistake or… Continue Reading
  • Happy Sweet 16 to Ella Lee (5/8/2019) - April 12, 2018   Hello missed Ella Lee. Happy would have been 16 birthday my love. For the past 11 years I sit down every April 11th to write a birthday letter to you; a letter full of words I wish, I think, I hope, I would be saying to you on this or that… Continue Reading
  • Victim Impact Statement of Charity Lee (5/8/2019) - Your Honor: A lot of what we have discussed these last two days has had to do with time and blame. How much time taken away from a life still being lived is enough to atone for a life taken? Who to blame for this horror? These are the central question...for the court. Since the… Continue Reading

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